This city which is famous for hosting the annual Cannes Film Festival which attracts myriads of visitors from all over the globe every year. I though I can only see this place through Mr. Beans movie or during the film festival that I see on television but I was there and I truly experienced this beautiful city in French Riviera.

The highlight of my visit in this city was meeting a dear friend and kababayan named Aimee. It’s been a decade since I did not see her. After knowing that she is in Cannes, I sent her a message through facebook. I told her that I will be going to that city that time. We did finally met. Our trip to the most visited city in Cote d Azur or French Riviera was truly a memorable one.

The fortified tower and Chapel of St Anne located on the hill. I took this photo while I was in a square near the Waterfront in Cannes last April 2011.