I am trying to reminisce the gorgeous trip we had in this town last spring of 2011. It  is almost a year now since our sightseeing there. Vernazza is one of the  lovely  villages in Cinque Terre (also known as the Five Villages). It is located in the province of La Spezia, Liguria in the  northwestern part of  Italy. We  only had some hours  sightseeing there because we still visited other villages like Monterosso al  Mare and  Riomaggiore.   We only had the chance to see  Corniglia and Manarola, the other villages that is included in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Cinque Terre, during our  cruise  from Monterosso al Mare to  Riomaggiore.

It was so far a wonderful and memorable trip we had in these villages.

The colourful houses in Vernazza in La Spezia, Liguria, Italy. We had a nice trip there last April 2011.

The colourful setting in one of the squares of Vernazza. The people love sitting under the sun while enjoying a cup of coffee and breathing the fresh air from the coastline.