This is one of my favorite architecture in Germany, the  Neuschwanstein Castle of King Ludwig II (King Louis II in English) of Bavaria. The castle is located on top of the hill in Hohenschwangau  near Fuessen (written in German as Füssen) in the southwest part of Bavaria. I had the chance to visit this castle for the fourth time already. my first visit was in August 2006. My next visits  were in  November 2010,  January 2011, July 2011 and recently this month.

I believed I am very lucky to be there for a lot of times. This fairytale castle of King Ludwig  II  of Bavaria was the inspiration for Disneyland’s Sleeping Beauty Castle and other movies.

Neuschwanstein Castle as seen from the valley. They already built a platform here to have a good view of the  front side of the castle. This was taken during my visit last July 2011.

The towers of the castle. I was inside the castle twice.