It was a long long trip but it was all worth it. We had a bus trip  that time and our main destination was in Bodensee and  a visit to Insel Mainau. The bus started in Regensburg at 6:00 am. It was around five hours drive with short stop somewhere down the road after two hours of travel.  From the parking lot in Uhldingen, we have to walk around 10 minutes to the pier where we  will take a boat going to Insel Mainau.

Uhldingen is  small town located on the northern shore of Bodensee, also known as Lake Constance in Germany.  While waiting for  our boat, I took the chance to take some photos in Uhldingen. The weather was perfect that day, no rain but sunny. We truly  enjoyed that trip despite the long travel we had.

Here are some images I took during our trip last August 12, 2012. I love this area of Germany. flowers along the shore of Bodensee or Lake Constance. You can see the parked boats on the background. The entrance to the pier going to the different places near Bodensee. We were heading to Insel Mainau (Mainau Island) which is  famous as the Blumeninsel or The Island of Flowers. of  various sizes are parked along the shore of Bodensee. I love the scenery here!

More updates and images to come about our trip to Bodensee  and Insel Mainau.