It was my second visit in Strasbourg last November 25, 2012. During my fist visit in December 2010, I really don’t have the chance to see and experience there because of limited time. This was also the reason why I promised myself to go back there.

That cruise we had in Ill River in Strasbourg was all worth it. It costs 9.20 euros but a very good one if you want to see more around the city. It  last around 45 minutes. The Ill river forms part of the 17th century fortifications and passes through a series of locks and channels in the picturesque old town, including the Petite-France district, where its waters were once used to power mills and tanneries.

I was so happy  and contented because I see a lot during my second visit. I still wish to go back there someday.

The Ill River that flows in Strasbourg, France. I had the chance to go cruising in Ill during my second visit last November 25, 2012.

Not really a good picture because we were inside a glass covered boat  during our cruise.  You can pass a lot of  bridges when passing it.  I am also letting you know that the Grande Île – which was the first city centre to be classified entirely as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.