The weather was quite not friendly during our visit in Weimar. It was cold and chilly and sometimes it was showering.  All  of  these did not stopped me from walking around in the city of Weimar and  experienced their sights.  Our main purpose to go there  was to witness its famous Christmas  Market.

If you are familiar with Goethe, Schiller and other famous people from Weimar, you will more appreciate your visit in this city of Thuringia in Germany.  It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is famous for its cultural heritage.

For now, let me share first about  the main topic  which is our visit in the Christmas market in this city.  The Weimarer Weihnacht or Weimar’s Christmas Market is unique in its own.  It is scattered  around the old city.   The first one that I visited was the Theatreplatz (Theatre Square).  This is where you can find  The Goethe-Schiller Monument in front of the Deutsches Nationaltheater  (German National Theatre) and Staatskapelle  (State Chapel)  Weimar. There are numerous booths at the  Theatreplatz selling Christmas decors, arts and crafts and of course local delicacies. I bought some postcards in one of the booths there.

After taking some pictures, I  proceeded  to the the Schillerstrasse, where you can also find many booths and stalls. I enjoyed all the goods sold by merchants in this area.  The last but  the best one I visited was the Christmas market  at  the Marktplatz  or Market Square. I cannot avoid to smell the  aromas of roasted almonds. I stopped in one of the stalls and bought some. Tasting the specialty  like the Thuringer wurst (Thuringer sausage) is a must when you visit there.

Christmas  Market in Weimar did not only means experiencing all of the above but  it also means tradition and stories. Don’t you know that the first public Christmas tree  or was erected in Weimar in 1815 or 1816 ? Thanks to the  court bookseller Johann Wilhelm Hoffmann who put up the first Christmas tree for the public  outside his shop in Cranach House on the market square.

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Weimarer Weinacht, Christmas Market at the Markplatz in Weimar.

Christmas Market at the Schillerstrasse in Weimar, Thuringia.


In 2011 the Weimar Christmas Market was voted as “World finest Christmas Market” by bloggers and journalists of CNN.