It was a vacation where I boarded the plane many times. During my one month vacation in the United States last 2012, I  was on air boarding the plane 6 times. That was so far history for me. I am  thankful and blessed that I don’t have Acrophobia or   fears of  heights and  no fear in riding  airplanes. I have some friends who are  having these fears.

When on air, I love listening  songs or  music in my ipod.  There are these headphones provided by the aircraft for you to  watch movie or listen to music.  Have you heard about   classic radio microphones? I believed they are also good especially if you love listening  to the radio. I guess I need one of these. Our modern technology offers us all kinds of entertainment while we are boarding a plane.  This is quite good to avoid boredom when flying.

I also love watching the bird’s eye view of the ground, the hills and mountains and the plains when I am inside the plane. I always take pictures n of this amazing landscapes.


I took this image during our flight from Phoenix, Arizona to San Francisco, California last September 2012.