My friends from Madrid, Spain were asking me when I am going back there. I really want to,  but my budget did not allow me to go this year. I met very nice people there. I actually stayed in an apartment near Puerta  del Sol (Gate of the Sun). Thanks to Ate Luz for her  generosity and kindness for letting me stay in their apartment for  a very minimal amount. I am truly grateful!

Puerta  del Sol is one of the famous and busiest square in Spain’s capital. At the middle of this square, you can find an equestrian statue. It is the Monument to King Charles III in front of the House of the Post Office.  I  can’t remember  how many times did I walk around in this square. I had the chance to visit Madrid for three weeks last year. That was quite an adventure one. I wish I have more time to share my experiences there.

The House of the Post Office  and the Monument to King Charles III in front of  it.