There is a place in Spain called Toledo and there are also places in many countries named is Toledo like the Toledo in Ohio, etc. The one I am talking here especially the picture below is a monument called the “Gate of Toledo”. It is a gate in Madrid, Spain. I am wondering if this gate leads to Toledo, a beautiful city near Spain in Castile-La Mancha.

The Gate of Toledo is listed in Bien de Interés Cultural, a category of the Spanish heritage register. This was taken during my three weeks stay in Madrid last 2012.The  Gate of Toledo  in  Madrid, Spain.

The Toledo gate in Spain, Madrid. ©

The Toledo gate in Spain, Madrid.

The Puerta de Toledo is located at Glorieta de la Puerta de Toledo in the southwest of Madrid. It is the most recently built of all the monumental gates in Madrid. I just found out it is the main gateway on the road towards the city of Toledo in past centuries. Its construction started in 1812 under the Napoleonic government of Joseph Bonaparte.

That was quite a long walk for me from Puerta del Sol to Puerta de Toledo but I am happy to take a sight of this monument.