I miss watching the wedding of Charlene and Prince Albert II, the prince of Monaco but I am happy that I already visited the Principality of Monaco. Before my visit, a friend told me to go or  to visit the Monaco Grand Prix or the  Formula I  racing field. I did not really stepped on there but I was  able to see those areas. I invited some friends to join me  during that 6 day  trip in French Riviera and Italian Riviera including Monaco. First, they made a double thought of going with me but later changed their mind.  They said that trip we had in those places was fantastic. Yes,  truly it is! Monaco captured my heart during my first visit.


The harbor of Monaco and you can also see the Formula I race track.

Just like Vatican City,  Monaco is a sovereign city state. It is considered to be the second smallest and the most densely populated country in the world.   Many sights are waiting for you when you go there.  When people hear about Monaco, they also put in mind Monte Carlo. This country is  simply beautiful but quite expensive.


The Castle in Monaco. I was there last April 2011.


Walls of the  Castle and the buildings in  Monaco. This is one of my favorite place in Europe.