Whilst the origins of pizza are mainly from the southern parts of Italy including Sicily and Sardinia, it’s now pretty much available throughout Italy.

Its origins are unclear but thought to come from flatbreads of one kind or another from the southern regions, often with Middle Eastern flavours.  Early flatbread pizzas featured local ingredients such as rosemary, salt, anchovies and olives, which are still popular toppings on today’s menus.  Interestingly the addition of tomato came much later after trade routes were established with the Americas.

Menu in Rome, Italy. © ww.travel-snapshots.com

Menu in Rome, Italy. © ww.travel-snapshots.com

Rome is responsible for some great pizza flavour combinations including an early classic, potato, rosemary and strong, melting Taleggio cheese.  A few of the city’s chefs have taken pizza to new heights and they’re the only places to go if you want to taste the delights of authentic Roman pizza.

Want to eat where the locals do?

Here’s the best selection of pizza restaurants in Rome:

La Gatta Mangiona at Via Federico Ozanam was started by Giancarlo Casa who makes thick edged pizzas with thin elastic centres.  They are made from organic stone ground wheat and feature a fantastic selection of northern-produced cheeses and meats.

At Pizzarium at Via Della Meloria, Gabriele Bonci serves his pizza by the slice.  He’s turned this versatile street food favourite into something everyone wants a taste of.  Prices and varieties vary from ordinary standard pizza to upscaled versions with foie gras, honey and walnuts.  Sounds like foods for the gods, Roman of course.

The Colosseum in Rome, Italy. © ww.travel-snapshots.com

The Colosseum in Rome, Italy. © ww.travel-snapshots.com

At Eduard Papa’s La Fucina at Via Giuseppe Lunata, the focaccia based pizzas take a healthy twist with raw ingredients as toppings.  The variety ranges from smoked salmon and fresh herbs to stracchino, a creamy mild cheese.

If you’ve still got room for another slice, try variations at Sforno, Tonda and La Pratolina, which are located just outside the centre of Rome, but still worth a visit.

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