Anyone visiting Ireland’s capital city soon? I know  for sure you will love it there like I do! I am just quite sad because I did not really see a lot from this city. There are still a lot of things to do and experience there but a half day visit is just not enough.

Dublin, called in Irish as Baile Átha Cliath, meaning “Town of the Hurdled Ford”, is one of the beautiful cities I visited in Europe. It is a vibrant city famous for its night life and tourist attractions. It is a historical and contemporary cultural centre for the country, as well as a modern centre of education, the arts, administration, economy, and industry.

I have a lot of  travel stories to share but for now, just enjoy browsing some of the snapshots  I took from Dublin. I love this city!

Signs in Dublin. ©

Entrance to Dublin Castle. ©
Dublin Castle (Irish: Caisleán Bhaile Átha Cliath) off Dame Street, Dublin, Ireland, was until 1922 the seat of British rule in Ireland, and is now a major Irish government complex. Most of it dates from the 18th century, though a castle has stood on the site since the days of King John, the first Lord of Ireland.

Christ Church Cathedral (or, more formally, The Cathedral of the Holy Trinity) is the cathedral of the United Dioceses of Dublin and Glendalough and the cathedral of the Ecclesiastical province of the United Provinces of Dublin and Cashel in the Church of Ireland.
Taken last March 19, 2013. ©