I want to share a lot of travel experiences from my recent trip in Southeast Europe but until now I am still quite tired. I guess, I am still having this so-called jetlag. It was so far a memorable and lovely trip. I traveled again with a group of the most-traveled people in the world. Any idea who they are?

I was again bombarded with many questions why I am always taking a lot of pictures everytime I travel. They never had an idea why I shoot pictures as many as I can in every place I visit. Beside, I do most of the times Poster Printing and hang the posters inside our home. I also do scrapbook which is one of the reasons why I always take pictures from my travels.

The entrance to Mirogoj cemetery in Zagreb. © ww.travel-snapshots.com

During my recent trip in Southeast Europe, this guy sitting beside me was asking why I have 3 cameras with me. He said when he travels, it is enough for him to see the place and he seldom take photos. He also showed me his old digital camera. I guess it is over a decade old camera with a small screen on it. I told him that it depends on what is your purpose when you travel. If it is enough for you to see the place that is fine but not for me! I rather r stay at home than not clicking the shutter buttons of my cameras when I travel.

I further explained to him that I am a blogger and I need pictures to share when I write articles in my blogs. I also told him that I never know if I can still go back to the certain place. I always make it sure to take as many photos as I can. If I get old and cannot travel anymore, I will just enjoy traveling by looking at the photos I took from my trips.

The coastal town of Kotor in Montenegro. © ww.travel-snapshots.com

I also hire a company who develop pictures for my travel albums. It was a perfect timing today because I found Photoline, a company who offers printing services of all kinds. They offer printing services such as signs, flags, banners, leaflets, flyers, binding, design services and more. I am quite interested about Poster Printing UK because I am planning to have more posters printed from my travels and hang it in all rooms in our home.

Neum is the only coastal town in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It comprises 24.5 km (15 mi) of coastline, the country’s only access to the Adriatic Sea.

I guess, I can already make a travel museum with the thousands of pictures I took from my travels. Who knows one day, this dream might come true!

Ladies and gentlemen, enjoy the photos I am sharing here from my recent trip to Southeast Europe including Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro, Albania and Bosnia and Herzegovina.