I am back here! I was feeling a bit dizzy awhile ago and so thankful that I am feeling better now. I was also browsing my photo album files browsing for the picture I made from my travel book collection. It seems that I cannot find it at the moment. I would like to add some Becks Books in my collection. I am trying to browse their site and want to know about the shipping to Europe.
My collection of travel books are quite a lot now. I have over 50 books and still wanting for more. From the many places I visited especially in Europe, I usually buy books if the prices are affordable.  The latest one I bought are the travel guide books from Dubrovnik, Croatia and Milan, Italy. I also have a collection of travel magazines and flyers. I need to sort them out anytime this month. My computer room looks like a little library considering  the many books I collect.

Wait a minute, I found an image I took from my little library. You can see some travel books in this photo.