It was our first day during that cruise.  Before the huge ship  started to navigate on the sea, the captain welcome all the passengers boarding in Aidabella.  I smiled  when I heard him over  the speakers,  telling the whole passengers of the ship to expect to gain one kilo a day during that cruise. I  believed  he is right!

I must begin to start dieting now to get rid of  the excess  pounds I gained during that 5-day cruise.  I was  browsing at for discount yoga mats.  I might  need one soon as part  of my diet  session. I already have a CD about yoga  and one thing is only missing, a yoga mat.

The good and sumptuous foods during our cruise with Aidabella in Scandinavia made me gained more kilos. I need to get rid of it before summer comes. Wish me luck!

Look at this yummy sweets and pastries  during that trip. Can you   say no to it? Sorry but not me! lolz!