It was my third visit in Germany’s fourth largest city named Cologne. My first  visit was in 2006, followed in 2010 and the recently last May 5, 2013. It was quite a long drive from our place in Bavaria. Thanks to my dear friend Joy for being a power driver. I admired her driving to  long distance  places.  We arrived in Cologne at around 1:00 in the afternoon. We were quite hungry that time  and the first thing we did was  to find a restaurant nearby to eat. We found an Asian restaurant near the Cathedral.

The Bridge to the famous Chocolate Factory Museum in Cologne. ©

After that, we made it sure to go inside the Dom or Cathedral since it is also the main landmark to see in this city.  It was also my third time of going inside  Cologne Cathedral. I never get bored seeing it many times.  In fact, I love to be there all the time, when I only live near the area.

The weather was perfect that day. It was sunny and the sky was blue.  After  our tour at the interior of the cathedral, we decided to go to the Chocolate Factory and Museum.

For now, just enjoy watching some of the photos I took from  the beautiful city of Cologne.

CIMG5549 The padlocks at the Hohenzollern Bridge. Since 2008 people have placed love padlocks on the fence between the sidewalk and the tracks.  Dutch band Nits dedicated a song to this in the song “Love Locks” from their 2012 album Malpensa.

The Cologne Cathedral. It is 144.5 metres (474 ft) long, 86.5 m (284 ft) wide and its towers are approximately 157 m (515 ft) tall.  The cathedral is the largest Gothic church in Northern Europe and has the second-tallest spires and largest facade of any church in the world. The choir has the largest height to width ratio, 3.6:1, of any medieval church.