Whether I am in Europe or in my home country, I always feel like having a vacation. But how I wish, I am in my home country right now. I only don’t miss the fine beach but also the nice weather, the sunset from our terrace and most of all my family and friends.

2012-02-25 17.57.54 (2)
I am missing the scene from our terrace back in my home country.

Could you imagine sitting in our terrace watching the setting of the sun? This is one thing I miss there. There are only some things missing, I need to buy a new patio set. I also need to shop for patio cushions to add more comfort while sitting on the patio set. I know there are nice ones I can find there.

What can you say when you are sitting on this terrace overlooking the sea, watching the sunset and all the beauty of nature around?  I wish I will be home soon!