It seems like the other month when I booked this cruise trip. Finally, it is about to commence. Yes, I am having another cruise trip again. Five more sleeps and we will be leaving to Scandinavia soon. This will be my second cruise trip in Scandinavia. My first one was last spring of this year. We we visited Oslo, Norway and Copenhagen, Denmark that time. This time will be better because we will be visiting 4 capital cities in Scandinavia. Included in these cities are Stockholm, Tallinn, Helsinki and St. Petersburg.

Some people are not fond of going for a cruise trip. You know why? Others have problem with seasickness. I admit, I also have it sometimes especially when the waves are too strong. During my first trip in Scandinavia, I learn some things in order to avoid seasickness. How about using anti fatigue mats for boats? This quite interest me because if there are gadgets like these, cruising might be so easy and comfortable. One of the workers also told me that the best part of the ship to stay or have a cabin is in the middle part of the ship. This way, you will not feel the waves so bad. If your cabin is located somewhere at the end of the ship, there is always a possibility that you will feel the movements of the ship when the big waves hit.

I just hope that this Scandinavian cruise trip will be a  memorable, enjoyable and comfortable one for me and the ones going with me. I am quite excited! Keep us safe  Lord!