Yes, trip is over and I am back to reality. I guess, I am still having a jetlag, I mean a buslag (since we travelled with the bus) from that trip. Until now I am still tired but it was all worth-it seeing the lovely places we visited during that trip.


Buffet foods  in our hotel in Andorra during my recent  trip this month.

One of my friends told me that Andorra is a small country but a beautiful one. I truly agree with it.

Before I talk about food, I would like to ask if you know what does a t-slot? Anybody out there? Anyway,one of the things I am missing there are the foods especially in our hotel in Andorra la Vella, Andorra’s capital city. I felt like I was also in Spain that time because they also served paella, a Spanish delicacy. The foods tasted good and there are a lot to choose from.  Whatever you like, you can all have it because it was a buffet one. There is also a cook who can cook  fresh ones. I always had  grilled fish or  pork lean  meat  every dinner.

I can say that I truly had a wonderful time in Andorra!