I finally found some pictures taken during the German-American Volksfest taken last 2012. It was the last fair  I visited at the US Base in Hohenfels, Bavaria. There is no festival that took place this year.  I heard from a friend that the US Army has a financial difficulty at the moment. I also heard that they are also trying to cost-cut their expenses. In fact, last year I heard over the news that over 800 workers were cut-down in many US bases all over Germany especially the locals. Some bases are even closing this year including the US Base in Heidelberg.

Musicians in a live band playing music during the German-American Volksfest in Hohenfels last 2012.

The last festival, called as the German-American Volksfest I attended was last 2012. This is quite a small feast but it is all worth-it. I usually met some friends everytime  I go there. There one huge tent during the festival. You can hear and experience various live bands playing different music. Some of these musicians might have their rp1000 at guitar center. There is one band which I love who plays country folk songs. For some reason, I already love to hear this kind of music now.

rides at the festival in Hohenfels.

I hope there will be another festival to take place next year. I will surely go if I am in Germany that time!