Unlike in Stockholm where the weather was wet and unfriendly, we are lucky to have a beautiful sunny day in Tallinn. Yes, I am so happy to visit one of the places I wish to see in the Baltic region. It was indeed a lovely day during our visit in Estonia’s capital city.

A restaurant employee using a horn to call and attract customers. He was truly funny  but very friendly.  Taken last Aug. 1, 2013. © ww.travel-snapshots.com.

We had around three hours sightseeing and photo stops in this city with a tour guide. After that we were also given the chance to explore it on our own. While walking around especially in the Old City, we found this very interesting restaurant. I guess they have restaurant pagers for safety and communication.

I found the restaurant very interesting because there were employees who were wearing medieval costumes and was using a horn trumpet to call and attract   customers. I and my friends even had a pose with them. After our walk, we decided to sit down in one of the restaurants and tasted their delicious ice cream.

I have so many travel experiences to share but as of now I am still quite tired from our recent cruise trip in the Baltic  region and Scandinavia.  I will surely share  more in the future.

See you all soon!