Thanks to the little diary I had, I can always remember some of the travels I did this year. I can always remember the place I visited from my past travels but sometimes, if you don’t write the details, you might be able to forget it. I just took a look of my travel diary and exactly knew the day when I visited Ennis, a county town of County Clare in Ireland.

Taken last March 21, 2013 during my 7-days trip in Ireland. ©

“A monument to Irish nationalist hero Daniel O’Connell stands atop a tall column in O’Connell Square, the site of the old courthouse where he won the Clare by-elections in 1828.”

If you have to look at the properties of a certain photo in your files, you can actually know when and what time a certain picture was taken. Today, there are already cameras with GPS or Global Positioning System. I already bought one and with its help, I can always know where the image was  taken.

Back to our short sightseeing in Ennis. From our  hotel in Tralee, it took us  almost two hours to reach Ennis by bus. I  joined a group of German tourists that time.   We stayed in a 3-star hotel named Desmond hotel in Tralee.  It was our fourth day  of sightseeing in Ireland and during that day, we will  be having a tour in Ennis.

It was only a short sightseeing in this town for around 2-hours. That day,  Limerick is also included in the itinerary. We had a walk around Ennis and experience some of  its famous sights including the monument of Daniel O’Connell, St Columba’s Church, view of River Fergus, walk around the town seeing colorful and historical buildings and more.

It  was only a short visit but I am glad that I was in Ennis once in my life. Who knows one day, I might be able to come  back  again in this place.