It is always good to turn back time especially the travels  I did in the fast.  Thanks to the power of digital cameras, we can always save and view it in our computer, laptop, external hard drives, social network like facebook and more. Are you doing the  same? I mean, looking on old photographs that  always reminds us of good old days and in  my  case,  the trips and holidays I did  in the past. I hope you do the same.

View of London city when I was riding London Eye. Taken in November 2008. ©

England has been in my bucketlist  since I live in Europe.  After 5  years of living in this continent,  I finally visited it.  I am always grateful to all good friends for their hospitality  and goodness in letting me stay in their   homes. This is one of the advantages if you have many good friends around. I am truly forever grateful to you all.

London has been in  my wishlist-city to visit. I am glad that I was there once in my life. It was one of the  cities I visited during my  3-weeks vacation in  United Kingdom almost 5 years ago. There were so many  experiences I had there like experiencing its many sights, tasting foods and simply savoring the time when I was there.

There are so many reasons why I want to go back to London.  As you see,the  images I took there were not really that good. Considering the  weather and the camera that I used during my visit, my photos were not really good.

A capsule in London eye. ©

It was autumn season or fall when I visited England. You will really expect  cold and rainy days during the months of October and November and the rests of the  autumn and winter months. Rainy days are typical weather in this part of Europe even on summer. You better bring with you your raincoats and umbrellas.  Don’t forget to also wear warm clothes and good shoes for walking and for the rain.

I had visited a lot of sights in London including a ride  in London eye, Buckingham Palace, Canary  Wharf, Westminster Palace,  Westminster Abbey,  Tower Bridge, Kensington Palace,  Tower of London, Big Ben,  St.  Paul’s Cathedral and more.

I wish to visit London again….maybe next year? Apology for these  not so good images. It is one of the reasons why I want to go back there, to take better photos since I already have good cameras now.

Lastly, I can say that it was so far a memorable trip to England especially in London.