I thought I can only see this place in my dream, in a travel book guide or photos and articles posted in internet. I did finally visited one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in France named Carcassonne. This happened after I booked a trip to three countries including Spain, Andorra and France. It was an 8-day trip and we experienced many places and cities to these three countries.


The Castle Carcassonne, France.  This was taken during  our trip last July 2013.

“The Cité,  historic fortress (built upon ruins predating Christianity) that was featured in the movie Robin Hood – Prince of Thieves. It is also told that the Cité inspired Walt Disney for the Castle of his Sleeping Beauty.”

From our 3-star hotel in Lyon, our bus driver drove around 450 kilometers to reach Carcassonne. Considering the breaks and stop-overs we did along the roads and the traffic in going out from Lyon, it took us almost  6 hours to reach this city. I am thankful because we are all safe in going to our next  destination which is Andorra.


Historical buildings  in Cite de Carcassonne. I was there!

I wondered the beauty and grandeur of  Carcassonne.  Imagine  until now, it still exist and  and known worldwide as the biggest fortified medieval settlement that still exist up to now. I am actually talking about the Cité de Carcassonne. This medieval fortress settlement has a history that exceeds two and a half thousand years. Isn’t it amazing!

After that two-hour sightseeing in  Carcassonne, our bus headed to Andorra.  We don’t really have  too much time in this city but still, I felt happy as I had the  chance to walk and to explore this walled-city.

I hope to share more travel experiences soon! Have a great month of September to all!