It was indeed a beautiful day we had when we visited Porto Venere over a week ago. How I wish I am still there right now to avoid the cold autumn season in Germany. Sad to say, I am already back home but I am still thankful,  I arrived home safely  with many wonderful memories from that trip in Tuscany region in Italy.

Porto Venere was one of the places we visited during that trip. This Italian town and comune (municipality) is located on the Ligurian coast of Italy in the province of La Spezia. I just looked at the map of Europe in my computer room and I was happy to once visited this lovely town.

The Gothic Church of St. Peter, consecrated in 1198. It was built over a pre-existing 5th century Palaeo-Christian church, which had rectangular plan and semicircular apse. The new part, from the 13th century, is marked externally by white and black stripes.

It was only a 2-hour sightseeing we had in Porto Venere. Not really enough to see everything but I am glad that I experienced most of its sights. The fact that we also visited Carrara, a place famous for its marble quarrying, that morning, was the reason why we only had limited time in Porto Venere.  Even  though  I traveled again alone (but with a group of German tourists and most are retired people), I still enjoyed my trip.

The towers of the city walls in Porto Venere during my visit last Sept. 27, 2013.

After we went off from the bus, I immediately went straight to the town. Before that, I tried to find the nearest toilet for my personal necessities. Glad that I find it immediately but I need to pay .50 cents Euro when using it. I did not already mind it because I can’t no longer hold the call of nature which is to urinate. I felt better after that and started to explore the town.

I did able to see the Gothic Church of St. Peter, the Romanesque church of St. Lawrence, the Doria Castle, the Byron’s Grotto, had a walk along the Marina, got lost in Porto Venere’s narrow alleys and other sights in this town.

When I looked at my watch, it reminded me that it is time to slowly go back to the bus. Fifteen minutes was left and the bus will be driving back to our hotel in Marina Pietrasanta.

In 1997 Porto Venere and the villages of Cinque Terre were designated by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

I am glad and contented to visit another lovely town in Italy. Thanks Goodness for the chance to be there!