I guess this is not about travel stories but only some tips about shopping. How do you save money when shopping? Do you watch items you frequently buy especially when they are on sale? Do you used discounts codes or coupons to save some bucks especially if you buy something?

SAM_3234A sample of a  flyer where you can have some discounts on some products thru their promotions.  For example if you buy two of these toothpaste, you can get another brand of toothpaste for free.  Not bad  at all!

Every Saturday, we received flyers and advertisements from different grocery stores. In these papers, they feature items that are on sale the coming week. For example if green cleaning products are available on sale the next week, they will also include it in these flyers. This way, you know that these items are on sale or they have promotions on these products.

I always watch items especially the ones we need everyday like butter, milk, meat, etcetera. If they are on sale, I sometimes buy in bulk but always keep it in mind that we can consume it before its expiry dates. This is one way we can save some bucks during grocery shopping.