I have to admit, I am missing  St. Petersburg! I thought I can only see it on television, in the internet or in a travel book but I  there. I was amazed  by the beauty of this city. No wonder, I read from a famous traveler (I forgot his name) saying   St. Petersburg is one of the  most beautiful cities in this planet. I cannot disagree with him because it is indeed very true!

Russia.St.Petersburg.CIMG1157.© RB Images

The map in St. Petersburg, Russia.

The picture you see above was taken during my visit in St. Petersburg last summer this year. This is for sure the map of the city but since it is written all in Russian, I don’t understand anything.  The building on the left side is  famous hotel in this city but I also forgot  its name. I am trying to guess  if this is the Kempinski hotel? Any idea out there?

During our group sightseeing in  St. Petersburg, we passed to a lot of shops, malls and even luxury stores.  We also stopped in some of the souvenir stores in the city. I cannot find  a shop who offers yard sale signs to print . I guess I was in a wrong place. Besides, we really don’t have enough time to explore every shop because our time was limited.

I wish, I can go back again in this city!