Skiing in Austria is a fantastic affair, offering some of the best skiing anywhere in Europe at more affordable prices than the expensive resorts in other countries like France. Austria, indeed, is a top destination for both beginners and more advanced skiers, as their ski resorts cater to every level and the variety of the country’s offerings are truly impressive. Get great group ski holidays online to bring the whole party to Austria.

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This is the big one! It is Austria’s largest ski resort with 7 major peaks and with a total of 9 villages to explore. There is something here from the very beginner to the accomplished skier. Its worth checking out Söll and Scheffau and these blue runs will help the beginner to boost their confidence level and skill and with 9 black runs the advanced skiiers can be more the happy. Check out the link about for more details on this brilliant resort.


Alpbach is one of the nation’s premier resorts, and it offers a great option for beginners looking to get their feet wet in some of the most stunning terrain in Europe. Learning the bsics at this resort is a tradition for many who come to Alpbach from throughout Europe. This resort is much less expensive than bigger and more difficult ski resorts, but if offers a stunning atmosphere and an unforgettable experience that will make a new skier feel right at home.


Another great choice is Solden, which is well known for the reliability of its snow cover. There is never a need for doubt at this resort, with snow cover always. Two glaciers that are linked in with the ski resort make for a solid snow pack cover that offers great skiing throughout the season. This resort is also a great option for the younger set, as it offers nightlife and urban activities in Innsbruck. At Solden, one is sure to find a great time and fantastic skiing.


For a taste of the finer life, it is only necessary to look as far as Kitzbühel, which is a charming resort that also hosts the world’s most difficult downhill ski contest. Despite this, Kitzbühel is actually one of the most hospitable and gentle visits in Austria. It appeals both to dedicated skiers and those who would rather spend a bit more time off the slopes than on them. It is an absolutely charming medieval town, with streets that are lined with upscale boutiques and stores that will appeal to anyone with an urge to just get away from it all for a little while.


For families one of the best ski resorts is Obergurgl, which is a great option for broods that may have trouble fitting in at one of the more intense resorts offered in Austria. Obergurgl is a low-risk ski resort with a smaller ski area that makes it easy to shepherd kids throughout, while enjoying high-quality skiing of ones own.