Merry Christmas everyone! I wish everyone love, peace and happiness this holiday season! I have been hearing Christmas songs since last month. In my home country, you can start hearing it at the month of September. Ah, I simply miss Christmas at home. Celebrating it there is more merrier   and memorable especially with my family.

The Belen or Nativity in Dresden’s Christmas market in front of the Frauenkirche or Church of Our Lady.

This morning while taking our breakfast, Christmas songs were also played over the radio. The next time I will spend a vacation in my home country, I will  record some caroling songs played during Christmas. In doing this, I need a recorder. I found  a tascam dr-100 at musicians friend. This portable digital recorder is quite perfect. I love electronics and musical gadgets and this site is quite perfect for shopping such stuffs.

I know I will be hearing more Christmas songs today and the coming days. Listening to it will just makes me miss home more. I wish I am home this Christmas but I am thousands of miles away from home. Inspite of this, I still wan to spend a wonderful Christmas.

Have a merry Christmas to one and all!