Karlovy Vary, called by Germans as Karlsbad or in English as Carlsbad, is a lovely spa city situated in western Bohemia, Czech Republic. I love the atmosphere in this city. I already visited it thrice. My first visit was in October 2011, followed by summer in 2012 and last August of this year. I was invited by friends to go with them in this city and I am always happy to accompany them.

Karlovy Vary Gallery. Taken  during my third visit.

During my third visit, I remember hearing live music at the Gallery in Karlovy Vary. They truly played good that I did not hesitated to go nearby to the Gallery,  where they performed.  They also used  good music instruments because I saw it and it is producing good  sounds and music. I was just guessing if they bought their good egnater amp at Musicians Friend? This site is selling various musical instruments.

It was a  lovely day in Karlovy Vary during my last visit. The sun was shining, perfect time to roam around. I hope in my next  visit I can already stay in one of their spa hotels to  do some relaxing holiday.

I have a lot of travel stories to tell and I hope I will be given all the time and wisdom to share it slowly by slowly.

I wish everyone a  wonderful celebration of Christmas! Take care everyone!