December is finally here! I hope you are having a good start! I believed I am and I am quite optimistic for this month,  hoping for positive things to happen.

This is the time to slowly go for shopping for presents since Christmas ia about to come. The nearest place for me  to go is in Donau Einkaufszentrum, translated in English as Danube Shopping Mall.

The clock in Donau Einkaufszentrum in Regensburg.

This mall is located in Regensburg, a beautiful city in Bavaria, Germany. When I get bored, this is the nearest place for me to go. There are a lot of stores and shops in this mall. I guess,  they also have the best selection of mantel shelves. I saw it in the different stores  everytime I go  inside. There are also restaurants, electronic shops, grocery store, garden shop, bookstore, banks, ATM machines, bakeries, coffee shops and more.

If ever you are visiting Regensburg, include this mall in your itinerary. For sure, you will love it there!