Oslo, the capital of Norway is one of the cities in my bucketlist to visit.   I was telling myself  since living in Europe for 10 years  that I will visit  all the Scandinavian capitals one day.  It finally did came true. 2013 was  a great travel year for me. After  visiting 23 countries in Europe including Norway, I am already happy and contented with what I had achieved last year. 2013 was indeed an awesome, blessed travel year for me.


The Royal Palace in Oslo by night, known in Norwegian as Slottet, was built in the first half of the 19th century as the Norwegian residence of King Charles III, who also reigned as king of Sweden and otherwise resided there, and is the official residence of the present Norwegian monarch. 

The photo above was taken during my visit last spring 2013. I and a good friend had a luxury cruise  in Scandinavia visiting two capitals namely Oslo and Copenhagen. We boarded Aida Bella that time and it was indeed a very memorable cruise  holiday.  It cost quite a fortune  but the experiences I had from that trip was truly priceless.

We arrived that night in Oslo at  around 10:00. I and my  friend name Jean took the chance to do a sightseeing at night in this city. The  weather was still very cold in spring and we were wearing our winter jackets that night.  I guess, we had around 2 hours walk in the city and  one of the sights  we visited was the Royal Palace of Oslo.

Sad, that we don’t had the chance to go inside the Royal Palace. The next day, we choose to visit the famous Viking Ship Museum and also experienced some of the famous sights in the city.