If you love outdoor activities from hiking to walking, trekking, skiing, biking, cycling and more, Andorra is the best place for your to visit.

I have been planning to visit Andorra since 3 years ago. Finally last summer 2013, I did visited this landlocked microstate in Southwestern Europe. Andorra, officially the Principality of Andorra (Catalan: Principat d’Andorra), also called the Principality of the Valleys of Andorra is located in the eastern Pyrenees mountains and bordered by Spain and France.

View of the mountains from Cami del Cardemeller. Taken last July 2013.

It was our 5th day of sightseeing. I set my alarm at 7:15 that morning  to make it sure that I woke-up at the right time. We always had good breakfast buffet in our 4-star hotel named Andorra Hotel. After taking my breakfast, I went back to my hotel room ,did  some personal necessities, brushed my teeth and got ready for our trip that day.

Since Andorra is just a small country, we  had much time visiting many places in a day.  I believed the highlight of  our trip that day was the  picnic we had in Cami del Cardemeller.  The weather was perfect that time. The group I traveled with are all Germans. Most of them are  retired people. I was the youngest and it was really a good group. All of the people I had talked  too and mingled with are so friendly to me.  It was so far one of the most memorable trip I had in Europe last year.

Nature and wild flowers in the mountains of Andorra.

Our tour guide was the one who organized that picnic in Cami del Cardemeller. I guess, we paid 8.00 Euros for the food. It was not bad at all. We tasted local  specialties  prepared by our tour guide. He said, he was actually a chef cook but since they already sold their hotel in Andorra and he got married to a German lady, he decided to migrate to Germany.

That picnic went out good. Some of the ladies and gentlemen helped our tour guide in preparing for our food.  I was busy taking pictures around so I was not able to help a lot. I believed everyone was full with the food.  There is also a source of water very near to our picnic table. It is a spring water and this is where the people and tourists are getting a source for drinking water. This spring  is called  the Font del Bisbe.  It is also a picnic area which is a perfect place to watch and enjoy the nature around. According to our tour guide, some people  believed that the  water  from this spring can cure sickness.

Our tour guide preparing for Andorran Foods.

Andorra is famous for skiing and other winter sports. You can see in this photo some piste, marked ski run or path down a mountain for snow skiing, snowboarding, or other mountain sports.

If you love hiking, the  Cardemeller hiking route to the Font del Bisbe spring is good place to do it. It climbs 400 meters and it is easy and suitable for  everyone. It is 2,000m long and takes about 2 hours.

During your hike, you can experience here the beauty of nature in Andorra, seeing wild plants and flowers, trees in the forest and maybe some animals. You can also witness the typical ‘bordes’ of Andorra, a testimonial remain of the former stock breeding life in the valley.

So far, I can say, it was a great decision booking that 8-day trip last summer. We actually visited a lot of places and countries including Spain and France. This is the advantage if you book a holiday package where transportation, accommodation,  tour guides and foods are all included, you don’t need to worry anymore of the itinerary.

I love that trip we had and if given the chance in the future, I would surely go back to  Andorra.