Whose not going to miss  this lovely place! This place will always be my home. It is simply saying, “there is no place like home!”.  I hope you agree with that. Wherever I travel in this world, nothing can replace the  country where I grew up.   Everytime I miss home,  all I need to do is to take a look of the pictures I took  from my previous vacations.

The part of  our home that I love most if the terrace. From there, you can see the view to the sea. One of the  most thing I love is watching every afternoon  the setting of the sun. From our terrace, you can see the priceless views around the area especially the water.   


I did not  regret building this terrace even though it cost a lot of money.  I can still remember  the time  when it was built. That was a lot of hard work. Thanks to the workers  for their good job. I also found this site which gives ideas on different  tools to be used when you have some projects at home or in your business.


The beautiful priceless scenery from our terrace. I will be seeing you soon!

I can’t wait to be home soon in the Philippines. I can’t wait to see my family, friends and relatives.