I can’t imagine that this week is already the last week of the month. Indeed, February is almost ending. I was thinking awhile ago about my last vacation in Las Vegas. Exactly today, it is a year and a half now since my last vacation in the United States. I visited  some places there and I stayed most of the time in Las Vegas.

USA.lasvegas.DSC02018. © RB Photography
Las Vegas Strip at night with  Paris Hotel and  Ballys. Takend during my second visit in 2012.

I know it will take time again to visit United States again especially that my financiers  which are my siblings,   will take me to Asia this year. yay! One of the things that I am missing in Las Vegas are its free shows and entertainments.  Well,  what can you expect with this so called  “World’s Gaming and Entertainment Capital”? Wherever you go  especially in the Strip, you will surely never get bored.

There are also streets performers  you can find in every corners of the Strips . One  night, when we were walking, there was this  guy who was singing while playing his guitar. His new cubase perfectly fits when he performed. I was asking myself  why he don’t perform in a live band in any of the hotels in Las Vegas. I  have been to some hotels where live bands are playing every night  like in Ballys,  Paris Hotel, Caesars Palace and the Venetian. He got the  talent and he can play good with his guitar.  Oh well, it is his choice and I can never influence him.

Some other free shows to be witnessed in Las Vegas are the Volcano in Mirage, the Fountains of  Bellagio, the Pirates of the Caribbean in  Treasure Island and more. I also miss walking around the Strip of Las Vegas! It is simply a fabulous  city!