Summer time is one of the best time to visit Germany. This is where you can find a lot of festivals from Volksfest to Weinfest, Sommerfest, Medieval festivals, Music festivals and  more.  Last Sunday, we went to the Volksfest,  (literally translated as People’s Festival) in Neumarkt in der Oberpfalz or  Neumarkt Upper  Palatinate.

DE.Neumarkt volksfest.DSC_5565
Group of musicians during the Volksfest Parade in Neumarkt  last Sunday.

The weather was sunny that time or I would say, was really hot. It is better than having a rainy day. The parade started at around 2:00 PM but they already arrived in the Altstadt or Old City of Neumarkt at around 2:30 PM. According to the newspaper last Monday, it was participated by 103 groups.   

DE.Neumarkt volksfest.DSC_5587.© travel-snapshots
One of the floats during the parade.

The parade was really very entertaining. There were a lot of live bands, musicians and group of participants who were playing different  music. I love listening to music  and I would say, I am a musician’s friend in terms of seeing parades and celebrations  like this.  There were various  floats and  horse carriages with different motives, styles and decorations.

After the parade, we went to the  festival ground to enjoy the carnival rides. Tasting German beers and local delicacies is also a must when visiting festivals like this in Germany. If you are around  the area, the celebration is still going on until August 18, 2014. Cheers!