Hello peeps! How have you been? The harvest month is almost ending and I   hope that you are  all doing great out there. It is time to slowly and gladly say  goodbye to August and continue to  hope  that the coming month will be a better, or I would say great one for us all.

I am happy because I finally had the chance to talk to my family back home. I miss home so much but since I just spent a  vacation there recently , to be exact almost 3 months ago, it is impossible for me to travel now especially that I am working already.

The water is just  direct in my door step. This place is a paradise for me. I wish to be there again next time.

One of the things I miss at home is my private beach. Some friends are thinking that I am rich because I was able to afford this little luxury building my retirement home along the water but I am not. I just live a simple life and I know how to handle finances especially during the time when I had a good job before   and was earning good salary from it. I  did not waste the money but I invested it. If they only know the labor and sacrifices I had during those time. Now, I am very happy  everytime I  see my retirement home even just in photos.  I know for sure, one of these days, I will go home for good and will enjoy  the fruit of my labors.  My  background in  accounting,  banking and finance also help me with these projects.

This  afternoon,  I talked to my brother  and he told me that he hired a landscaper  to do some landscaping at home. I was happy with the results which also means that I need to send some money this week.  yay!   Investing in  real property  is better than wasting  money on vices like smoking,  drinking or gambling. I am glad, I never have these  vices.

At home, I can  have  unlimited access to my  “private swimming pool” anytime of the day. I need to browse a plus swim wear at junonia.com so that I can have new ones the next time I go swimming in my private beach. lolz! I believed this site has great choices for what I exactly need.   Wait a moment, do I really need plus sizes?? I guess not since I already lose some pounds now.

Since another month is almost  approaching, I wish everyone a  wonderful and blissful  month of September. Cheers!