That was really a fun day! I and a friend went to the Oktoberfest in Munich last month. We took the train in going there and it was quite scary riding the train without a ticket. There was  a story  behind  it and I will surely share it in my next post. It was quite an adventure and we were lucky to solve the problem.  Sometimes the power of speaking and explanation can really help. This   is especially true   if you speak the local language. I am thankful,  I can speak and understand  German language.  In short, we were able to obtain  a train ticket  from the inspector.

The Ferris Wheel at the Oktoberfest, the world’s biggest festival, held every year in Theresienwiese in Munich, Bavaria, Germany.

Before going to the Oktoberfest, my friend asked me if we can get a table in any of the beer tents. I told her that it is very impossible since that was weekend and you have to reserve it months before. Unless you are going on weekdays, there might be a probability that you can sit inside and listen to the live bands. I believed some of these bands are using peavey 6505 as musical gadgets since this is a good amplifier. In my previous visits at the Oktoberfest, I experienced going inside the beer tents because those were weekdays.

I believed, I will be present again next year. It was indeed an enjoyable experience visiting the world’s most famous and biggest  festival. Prost!