I was deciding whether to go to this so-called Tillyfest  festival or not. The rain was on and off that day but then, I  decided to go. When I left home, the rain stopped for awhile.  After some minutes of arriving  in Breitenbrunn, the rain started to pour again but it did not hindered the parade that took  place that afternoon.

A group of musicians who performed live after the parade.

Tillyfest is an annual  festival held every month of September in  Breitenbrunn,  a municipality in the district of Neumarkt in Bavaria in Germany. If I am not mistaken, it is held every second weekend of  September. The festival is unique  on its own. It might not be a big festival but  celebrating and seeing its parade is very interesting. It is already a part of the culture, history and solidarity of the people in this town.

Inspite the rainy weather that day, there were still a lot of groups of participants during the parade.  There were live  music and singing from the different groups.  You can hear a lot of music instruments  played by musicians. I guess, sm58 beta was also used  especially during the announcement  particularly during the  program held after the parade.  Every group had its own colorful costumes, motives and presentations.

I am always entertained  everytime I visit this festival. It was actually my 4th visit and  hoping to visit it again next year. For me, the highlight of the program was  when I listened to the live performance of one of the  groups of musicians who really did it good.

The many festivities all year round are some of the things I love in Germany.  Cheers!