This is the best time of the year to plan for a vacation. Last month, I received an email from a new friend, whom I met in my travel in Morocco last December 2014. She told me that she wanted to travel with me again this year. It is not a problem for me and it seems that she is a nice lady.  This is the reason why I am also quite busy the past weeks  planning  for  the next  travels this year.


The famous sign in Las Vegas. Taken during my visit last 2012.

I am targeting to visit United States of America again. I have been there twice but then US is a huge country and there are so many places to see and to  experience.   Besides many friends are also inviting me to visit them.I already visited 5 states including Nevada, California, Arizona, Oregon and Washington. This time, I would like to experience the southern past of the US and a visit to Miami, Florida would be perfect. What do you think?

Of course, I need to check the best month of the year to visit it. If I can find a cheap flight to Miami, I would also like to check out these deals on hotels in Miami from I found out that this site has various hotels to choose from that fits to a traveler’s needs and budget.

Finding cheap flights and accommodation would be great to save some bucks when traveling. More on that, the travel should be plan ahead of time.

I would surely love to visit its famous sights including the Miami Seaquarium, the Ancient Spanish Monastery, Vizcaya Museum and Gardens, Star Island, Venetian Pool, its well-known beaches and more.