Happy weekend everyone! I was browsing one of my external  hard drives searching for photos and travel experience to be shared here. I decided to pick-up this small but beautiful town of  Treuchtlingen.  It is a spa town in the Weißenburg-Gunzenhausen district, in Bavaria, Germany. I had the chance to visit the town in winter 2012.

Timbered houses in Treuchtlingen

It was my first visit in this historic town  of   Treuchtlingen.  The  town founded in 793, during the reign of Charlemagne. It was first mentioned in 899, as Drutelinga. The spot where the town is situated was first settled by Celt, Romans and Franks.

View of the walled-town of Treuchtlingen.

The weather was so cold during our visit since it was winter season. The blowing wind made it colder. That walk around the town was interesting seeing its historical buildings like timbered houses, the St. Andreas church, its Town Hall and many of its places of interest which include the Obere Veste (its Castle ruins), Fossa Carolina, Villa rustica, Volkskundemuseum, Ortssammlung in Wettelsheim and more.

DE.Treuchtlingen.IMG_0132a historic gate built in 1400  in  Treuchtlingen

Since it is famous as a spa town, health-conscious tourists and those looking for a spa holiday will surely have a great time for relaxation, health or simply enjoy the wonders of nature.

It was only a day-trip in Treuchtlingen but I am happy seeing such historic place in Bavaria, Germany. I hope to visit this town again for a spa holiday. lol!