Summer time is party time but where is summer? The weather in our place the past week and until this week was quite not so friendly. Temperature ranging from 10 degrees Celsius in the night and up to 19 degrees during the day don’t really feel like summer weather. I am still thankful with this kind of weather. Unlike in other countries who are experiencing massive heat like in Pakistan, I rather have the weather we have. I heard over the news that there were already a lot of casualties brought by the extreme heat in Pakistan.

Anyway, I just wish I have time to visit summer festivals this year. I already missed a lot of fun since I started working but then what can I do? I missed seeing and hearing live bands performing live on stage with their musical instruments like Spector Bass, guitars, drums, trumpets and what else? Of course their music and songs!

This weekend another summer festival will be held in the nearby town, I hope I can go there…when time is possible. Happy TGIF folks! I am slowly off to work again!