Hello summer! It is indeed summer season now! The weather was quite hot today. We had over 30 degrees Celsius in our area. With this temperature, I have to water the plants and flowers in the backyard to keep it alive and blooming.

Musicians playing musical instruments during a festival in Neumarkt in Upper Palatinate, Bavaria.

Let me share to you this photo taken in one of the festivals I visited in Germany. This was taken 6 years ago. Wow! Imagine that! Thanks to my digital camera and external hard drive. I can always travel in time by simply browsing at my photo albums.

I love going to German festivals. I especially love going inside the beer tent,  sip a glass of beer called Radler while listening to the live bands who are performing with their musical instruments. As far as I can remember, I never saw a musicians friend banjo in one of the live bands that performed before in a German festival. Instead my father’s friend was playing a banjo  during masses  at the church before. I was still in high school that time. I was even a member of the choir and I played tambourine or maracas.

Since it is summer, there a lot of Volksfest  or festivals going around not only in Germany but in the whole of Europe. If you want to have fun, this is the best time of the  year to travel  in this continent. Cheers!