Let’s go back to Greece! It seems like yesterday when I was there. Thanks to photographs and memories, that travel to this beautiful island of Santorini seems like fresh in my mind.

For me visiting Fira is a must when in Santorini. It is also called as Thera or Thira and it is the main town of Santorini island. It is situated on the top of a cliff of a caldera.

View of Fira, the modern capital of the Greek Aegean island, Santorini.

The town is famous for its stunning view, the cable car, the museum and some bars and clubs. Due to its central location, it is a good base to use as there are buses from many other parts of the island. Seeing the architecture especially the white-washed houses built on the edge of the 400 metres (1,312 feet) high caldera was an amazing experience.

Our cruise ship last spring time had a stop in the island of Santorini and Fira was the place where we docked. Every day during the summer, Fira is a bustling metropolis as cruise ships from all over the Mediterranean and Aegean seas descend.

Enjoy thew snapshot I took  of Fira during that cruise trip I had in Greece. It was indeed an awesome experience visiting some of the famous places and island in the country.