Wow, it’s been awhile since my last visit here. This is the effect of having a very busy life. I am thankful that I am still breathing. I have to work this weekend and I just got off from my late shift.

Cruising in Oslo Fjord, one of the memorable cruise I had.

So, how have you been folks? I hope the month of September is good to all of you. So far, I cannot complain and I have wonderful weeks this month. I am just too busy with many things including having this full time job. I have a lot to share from my previous travels but time is always limited and I apologize for that.

Anyway,  let me share to you a bit of my experience during that cruise in the Scandinavian region. I consider it a luxury cruise since it was also my first time to experience that kind of cruise. I have been to some cruises before but not that luxurious as the one I had in Aidabella ship.

One of the things I miss during that cruise was the live shows and entertainments we had every night. There are also live shows during the day but I love the ones being showed at night.  There are also musical shows wherein you can experience musicians playing musical instruments like guitars, organ, trumpets, drums, etcetera…Anyone who is interested for a beginner bass guitar at thehub sounds interesting.  Singers and dancers were  also performing at night with the ship’s live bands.   Indeed,  staying in a swimming hotel can be a great experience.

Since the past cruises I  had, I always had  great time. The most memorable one was that cruise in Scandinavia visiting Oslo  and Copenhagen.  Thanks to a dear friend who went cruising with me or else, that cruise trip will not be materialized. She is a superb travel buddy and we really had a lot of fun.