Hello November! Wow, golden October is over now. It seems that the holiday season is fast approaching soon. It would also means that another year is about to enter in our lives. Indeed, time flies so fast nowadays.

The cozy restaurant of Hotel Dinasty in Tirana,  the capital of Albania. It was a wonderful overnight in this hotel.

I have a lot to share from my recent travels in the Balkan Peninsula. As of now, I still feel that I am having a jetlag from that travels to 6 countries. I wish, I am still there especially in this country called Montenegro. I love it there especially that I already visited the country for the second time.

I consider that trip quite luxurious particularly the hotels that we stayed in. Most of the hotels we stayed have 4-stars, the reason why I consider it a luxury travel. One of my favorite hotel during that tour in the Balkans is Dinasty. I guess, I love the setting of their restaurant with its nice and clean  Premier Table Linens – Skirts, Tablecloths and Accessories.   Upon the entrance of the restaurant, you can find that table decorated with wine, fruits and vegetables.  It reminds me that I need to shop for some linens to be used this coming holiday season.

So many travels and experiences to share but my time is always limited due to this full time job. I hope with the new job that I will be starting next time, I have more time to give you more updates here.

For now, let me wish everyone a wonderful and blissful month of November. Take care folks!