Merry Christmas to all mankind! I believed some of you are still celebrating it up to now. Fun, food, exchanging of gifts and family time  are surely present at the moment.  Whatever presents you received, it is not the price and the kind of gift  that matters most but the thoughts that you are remembered during this special celebration of the year.  Right guys!

So far, I am very happy with the presents I received  especially  the precious love and caring from my family and friends.  I admit that I am also happy with the material things  I received especially that these are the stuffs, I am wishing to have.  I opted to buy me a jewelry this time. It is actually a watch that I long for many years.  It was on sale when I bought it and I am happy with it.  I also had a jack wolfskin fleece jacket which I like the most.  Wine, chocolates, Christmas cards, beauty stuffs,  clothing, winter jacket, perfume  and more made me happy this season. What else can I ask for?

I long for another jewelry which are  necklace and a ring but I guess, I can wait for it until next  year. For my friends who are in the military and wishes to have a military ring, check this site,  They have a lot of designs to choose for. Since, I work in the military, I can also share this link to them. I just browsed their site and there are some designs that I like.  For my friends and acquaintances who are married military men, why not think of these rings as unique presents next Christmas season?

Enjoy shopping and happy holidays once again!