It is still winter in my second home. I wish, I am at the beach right now enjoying the sun, water and food. Sad to say, I am still in a cold country. How I truly miss home and I hope, I can go home for vacation this year.

The garden in my home sweet home direct in the water! I truly miss it and everything I can experience there especially  the fun with my family and friends.

Before 2015 ended, I already started  planning for my  next travels and vacations. Finally last week, I submitted some vacation leaves and I am thankful that they were all approved. This means that I can slowly book for my trips. I was so happy with it.

I am still thinking all over again if I go home in my home country this year.  There are so many things to be taken care of. One of it is to see the recent improvements  of my retirement home and another home project that is going on.   I chatted with my family last weekend and we talked about buying furniture and fixtures and other home appliances needed in there.  For sure we need some stuffs like 36 in drawer slides especially for the kitchen cabinets and drawers. I am glad that my siblings are helping me out with all these projects. We planned so many things and I hope in less than  5 years from now, all these projects will be done.  I am crossing my fingers.

For now, let me continue  planning for my next travels. I hope to be home anytime soon!  I  always feel  a 365-day vacation everytime  I am there.  Cheers and take care everyone!