Is it spring now? I can see the signs of spring when I go to my garden. Spring flowers are starting to bloom now. I can also hear the birds singing and chirping everytime, I am outside, in the backyard. Sad to say, the weather is still not so friendly. It was quite cold today and I decided not to do some garden work after having some jetlag from my travels.

I just looked at the calendar and indeed meteorological spring begun last Sunday, the 20th of March. I am quite excited since spring festivals will be starting so soon. I can’t wait to taste some local and international delicacies, enjoy the beat of the drums at the festival tent especially when the live bands are playing, experience carnival rides and what else? Of course, more fun and enjoyable moments.. For those people especially the musicians who are trying to find the Selection of monster products at Your Musician’s Friends, for sure you will enjoy browsing what you need in their site.

With regards to this year’s spring festival, I will surely find time to go there and entertain myself. Enjoy folks but be safe.