Hello lovely people out there! How’s everyone doing this first weeks of August? I hope you are all good like me. I do not want to complain despite life’s imperfection. I am trying my best to live a happy life and so far things are doing well in my part.

There are a lot of summer festivals going on in the nearby cities and towns. It should be the perfect time to unwind, enjoy a glass of beer inside the festival tent, taste German local delicacies, do some shopping or enjoy some  carnival rides.

Most of all, one thing I love most in these festivals are the live performances on stage by musicians and entertainers. Yes, I love watching live bands when going to a festival. I love listening to musical instruments like guitars, trumpet, violin, drums and an mydmx 2.0 would be nice too!

It seems that I don’t have the appetite to go to any festival this year due to busy schedule. Hopefully next year again, I can visit to some festivities like these. I simply love it!